Requesting Community Feedback: Governance Documents and February Community Discussion Calls


Draft Governance Documents

Over the past few months, the Steering Committee has put together a set of governance documents that form the basis for how our community can function. Over the next month, we would be deeply grateful for your time in reviewing them and giving feedback – even five minutes helps!

LifeSciTrainers Vision, Purpose, and Mission – An explanation of why this community exists: Google Doc

LifeSciTrainers Code of Conduct – Our rules for community decorum and inclusiveness: Google Doc

LifeSciTrainer Governance – Definition of membership and the role of the Steering Committee: Google Doc

February Community Discussion Calls

To facilitate this discussion, and provide a chance to see what you are up to, we are also announcing two 30-minute community discussions on:

  • Friday February 21st 09:00AM UTC (See in your time zone: link)
  • Friday February 28th 07:00PM UTC (See in your time zone: link)

Please sign up for these calls on the Google Doc: We also have 10 minutes of community updates open in the agenda so we’d love to hear what you are up to and would like to share. We will have longer update and sharing calls coming soon.

Call sign up and connection info: Google Doc

What’s ahead?

The Steering Committee will meet an ratify these documents in March and post them on our website. We also hope to announce additional community calls and ideas for community initiatives soon. Please let us know your thoughts on the Slack or in the comments.

  • On behalf of the Steering Committee

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