Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – December 2019

Meeting minutes from the December 17th, 2019 Steering Committee are now available. In the interest of transparency, the Steering Committee is committed to making this and other activities as open and accessible as possible. We welcome your comments (on the Slack channel or at!

Public Summary

The Steering Committee had its first formal quarterly call. We worked on draft documents for a community vision/mission, code of conduct, and governance documents. The Steering Committee will develop these for circulation with an expected due date of January 31st, 2020. In the month of February 2020, these documents will be made public (for ~ 1 month) and available for comment. We are also planning a community call mid-February to invite further discussion. After the community comment period, the Steering Committee will ratify these documents.

Link to minutes (google doc); no sign-in required.

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