Help Wanted

Looking for volunteers - for a little of your time, you can help lead this community!

There are a number of roles that I think the Community could use right away. I hope any and everyone (all career levels, backgrounds, experiences) would consider signing up if interested. Send a note via the Contact Page or contact on Slack.

Regional Coordinators

Based on initial discussion from our first community call, it seems like people would like a regular forum to present things they are working. If we have regional coordinators (E.g. Africa, Americans, Asia/Australia, Europe) these folks could:

  • Become part of the leadership team for Life Science Trainers
  • Organize speakers for calls convenient to their time zones
  • Help promote the Life Science Trainers to/within local organizations and communities

I think we could have 2-3+ coordinators per region. Once we have enough volunteers we could also hold a leadership meeting to think about other needs for the community.


This website could become a forum for posting write-ups from the community. I think there is a great deal of our work that does not get documented or may not fit within the traditional publication model. Editors could help solicit content and develop standards for posting tutorials, write ups, videos, etc.

Website and Social Media

We could use persons with WordPress skills to help us with site development and maintenance. A Twitter presence would also be a way to get the word out.

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

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