Bio: Jason Williams

Jason Williams


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, United States of America

Contact: Email:, Twitter: @JasonWilliamsNY, ORCID: 0000-0003-3049-2010

About Me

I am the Founder of Life Science Trainers, and Assistant Director, External Collaborations of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center. Much of my recent work has been as the Education, Outreach, and Training lead for CyVerse (A U.S. national life science cyberinfrastructure funded by NSF). I organize, instruct, and speak at a variety of bioinformatics-related workshops, conferences, and meetings annually. I also work with several bioinformatics and open science projects including my service as Chair of the International Science Advisory Board for EMBL-Australian Bioinformatics Resource, and service on the Science and Industry Advisory Board of ELIXIR UK, External Panel of Experts to NIH’s National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s Data STAGE (Storage, Toolspace, Access and analytics for biG data Empowerment). I am an active Carpentries instructor, and a former Chair of the Software Carpentry foundation (an international organization of researchers that promote training and education in software development, scientific data management, and open science). I also teach as the science research instructor at the Yeshiva University High School for Girls.

Skills/Topics I Teach

  • Basic molecular biology lab techniques (molecular cloning, PCR, RNA work, etc.)
  • Bioinformatics (R, Python) – especially introductory coding
  • Instructor training (I am an instructor trainer for the Carpentries)

Communities and Projects

  • Education, Outreach, Training for CyVerse
  • The Carpentries (Software/Data) – Part of the original authoring group for the Genomics Lessons and maintainer for R Genomics
  • Member and contributor for NIBLSE (Network for Integrating Bioinformatics into Life Sciences Education)
  • Co-PI and bioinformatics infrastructure lead for the Genomics Education Alliance
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