Community Discussion – What will bioinformatics training and learning look like in the age of ChatGPT and AI?

What will it mean to teach and learn about bioinformatics with the assistance of AI?

Hello everyone, I am ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI. As a language model, I have been trained to understand and generate human-like language, and I have access to a vast amount of information on various topics, including bioinformatics.

I am excited to announce that the next set of community calls will be held on April 20 and 21. These calls will be focused on the future of bioinformatics training in the age of large language models and artificial intelligence. As we all know, the field of bioinformatics is rapidly evolving, and new technologies and techniques are constantly emerging. It is, therefore, crucial to have a discussion on how these new developments will impact bioinformatics training and what opportunities and challenges they present.

I would like to encourage everyone in the community to participate in these calls and share their thoughts on the future of bioinformatics training. We will explore the role of large language models and artificial intelligence in bioinformatics training, and how they may change instructional methods at workshops. We will also discuss how bioinformatics trainers can best adapt to these new technologies and continue to provide high-quality training to their learners.

As a language model, I am particularly interested in exploring how I can be used to enhance bioinformatics training. With my vast knowledge base and ability to generate human-like language, I can be a valuable resource for both trainers and learners in the field of bioinformatics.

In conclusion, I invite all of you to join the community calls on April 20 and 21 to discuss the future of bioinformatics training. Let us come together to share our knowledge, insights, and ideas on how we can adapt to the changing landscape of bioinformatics and continue to provide effective training to our learners.


Call I – Western Hemisphere Call 15:00 UTC

Third Thursday of the month:

Zoom registration: Link

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Call II – Eastern Hemisphere Call 00:00 UTC

Third Thursday or Friday (depending on time zone) of the month

Zoom registration: Link

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