Who we are

Lifescitrainers.org is a way to connect anyone and everyone who does short-format training (workshops, boot camps, short-courses, etc.) in the life sciences. This site is a place to share resources, advice, and conversation – all in the service of improving our teaching and our careers.

Why short-format training?

In many areas of the life sciences new technologies and approaches (especially, but not only computational ones) are changing rapidly. It’s not possible for formal training (undergraduate/graduate) to keep pace, but short-format training can fill these gaps. Short-format training comes with its own set of challenges, and this community works together to address them.

How to join

Membership is open to all trainers who serve researchers and educators in the life sciences

Most of the community is active on Slack (online chat forum).

This site is new, but as we grow we will host  member posts on training content and videos of online meetups and presentations. You can also join the trainer’s registry and/or post a biography.

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