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How I Teach Life Scientists… Applying Project-based Learning in a Bioinformatics Workshop

Ajay Mistra, EMBL-EBI

The “How I Teach” talk series is an invitation for anyone delivering professional development to life scientists and educators to share their curriculum, tips, technologies, and approaches. Email to participate or complete a submission form to sign up to give a short talk and/or demo of the teaching skill you want to share. See full blog post for details.

Time and Date for Talks

LifeSciTrainers Community Calls March 2023

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March Talk

Ajay Mishra, EMBL-EBI

Format: Short talk and demo

Take home messages

After this presentation you will be able to:


Application of project-based learning in a training workshop provides an opportunity to explore methods and strategies that can be adapted to solve real-world data analysis problems.

This presentation will discuss how EMBL-EBI training designs live courses that allow participants to explore bioinformatics tools and resources introduced earlier in the course and to apply these to a set problem, providing hands-on experience of relevance to their own research. It will provide a case study from a workshop to highlight the process of group project development, its application and facilitation during a course, and feedback from students.

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