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Q1/Q2 Community Calls 2023

Hi Everyone, and welcome to new members.

After the success of our first go, community calls are back – January through July 2023! We are planning to meet the third week of every month (Thursday or Friday depending on your hemisphere). Zoom registration and calendar links are below:

The primary goal for every meeting is exchange – what experience can you share with others that might open them up to a new way of thinking about and doing training? Achieving that big goal could be intimidating, so here are some small steps we are all working on to make things much easier…

1. Introduce yourself

Every call will start with an introduction. If this is your first time or your fifth, this is a chance to make sure everyone knows something about someone else. To this end, if you are a frequent visitor try and share something new you are working on, or an update. We love to see your video during the calls, but you can also feel comfortable just introducing yourself via audio-only or chat.

2. Preview the agenda/topic

One improvement we’d like to implement for the community calls is to have some specific topics for people to think about on each call. A topic might be “What are the challenges to training online?” or “How can I make training more interactive?” We are very open to your suggestions for topics, so please comment on topic ideas when you see the monthly reminder(s). Having a predefined topic can help everyone think of contributions they would like to make.

You can register in advance to present a talk in our series: How I Teach Life Scientists…

3. Continue the conversation

Our monthly calls will never be enough to follow up on every idea, so be sure and ask people if you can follow up with them on Slack or by other means to continue talking. We hope new people will connect and form new collaborations.

Q1/Q2 Calls (January – July 2023) Call info

To try and automate things and maintain security, you will need to do a one-time Zoom registration for the meeting. This also has the benefit of issuing reminders. This information will only be posted on the Slack in a pinned post. If you want to join the call make sure you are on Slack. As always, the code of conduct applies to all LifeSciTrainers events.

Call I – Western Hemisphere Call 16:00 UTC

Third Thursday of the month:

Zoom registration: Link

See time in your Timezone

Calendar invitations

Call II – Eastern Hemisphere Call 01:00 UTC

Third Thursday or Friday (depending on time zone) of the month

Zoom registration: Link

See time in your Timezone

Calendar invitations

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