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September 2022: FAIR & Open Research 4 Beginners; Return of Fall 2022 Community Calls.

Fair for Beginners

Recording (past event): YouTube

Presented by: Sara El-Gebali, SciLifeLab and Chris Erdmann, American Geophysical Union and founders of FAIRPoints, Yo Yehudi, Open Life Science.

Future generations of scientists will benefit from early introduction of Open and FAIR principles. By providing a general understanding of sound, open, transparent, and reproducible research principles and inspiring students we will gain a positive and real change in the academic culture ultimately leading to better research. Introducing these concepts to the public can also help demystify the research process, allay public fears about data misuse through inappropriate sharing, and educate and inform the public about what it really means to work Openly and Reproducibly. It can also be used to persuade the public to support ongoing efforts for Open and FAIR research in order to get the most out of taxpayer funds and garner more interest in participation in citizen science projects.

What we want to do: We call for the inclusion of Open and FAIR principles at earlier time points e.g. in the school curriculum to young adults at school and undergraduate students.

FAIRPoints, together with Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea community, would like to develop training materials for that purpose. The training material should encourage students to reflect on more general values such as transparency and openness in research, and motivate them to conduct methodologically sound research avoiding pitfalls associated with a lack of transparency and reproducibility. This is a community led effort towards developing training material which is supported by the offer of a mentorship program provided by Open Life Science (OLS) to encourage individuals who might be interested in learning how to apply open principles in their work and in taking a leading role.

How to get involved : Register to our upcoming workshop, the first of a series of events designed to bring the community together to co-create material needed in different formats, e.g. training slides, guidebooks, video/animations, infographics etc. We will facilitate the interactions via a series of community check-ins occurring between 4 to 6 weeks intervals, we also offer biweekly co-working sessions and communications via slack for those who would like to stay in touch while working asynchronously.

We welcome all sorts of contributions e.g. input and suggestions, reviewing, spreading the word and advertising, copy editing, art work! You name it!! Register:

Join our community on Slack for call agenda: Slack Invitation

Call I (Western Hemisphere 16:00 UTC)

Call II (Eastern Hemisphere 01:00 UTC)

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