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July 2022: Community Discussion – The Bicycle Principles for Effective, Inclusive, and Career-spanning Short-Format Training

Life science is rapidly increasing in interdisciplinarity, making career-spanning learning critical. New methods and deeper research questions require scientists and educators to traverse widening skill gaps to remain competent.

Overall, short-format training is delivered without sufficient grounding in evidence-based pedagogy, and systemic inequity limits inclusion of all learners. Education sciences are clear on what should be done to optimize teaching for learning across age groups, but what is known about teaching and learning for adults — highly relevant for strengthening short-format training across the career span — is not typically brought to bear in short-format training. Rather than require all short-format training instructors to become well-versed in the cognitive and education sciences, an actionable framework that reflects these bodies of literature is needed.

Members of the LifeSciTrainers community have worked to develop a new framework for addressing these gaps, and improving short-format training to be more effective, inclusive, and career-spanning. The Bicycle Principles assemble education science and community experience into a framework for improving short-format training through two cyclic (hence “bi-cycle”) and iterative processes. This community call will discuss these Principles and an accompanying set of 14 recommendations to implement and develop solutions.

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Call I (Western Hemisphere 16:00 UTC)

Call II (Eastern Hemisphere 01:00 UTC)

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